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As the world’s first high-performance solid-state generator, Modern Electron’s Heat Engine is reinventing electricity generation at all levels. Whether power is needed at your home, or off the grid, or onboard a vehicle, or at the heart of a city our solution will provide on-demand power in a flexible, reliable, and environmentally-friendly way.

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Fuel-flexible electricity can be generated from a wide variety of heat sources including gas, oil, coal, nuclear, and solar thermal.

Growing Demand

Over 80% of electricity worldwide is generated from heat, producing $1 Trillion of electricity every year. And 100 GigaWatts of new thermal generation capacity is added annually, and still growing. With our scalable & efficient technology, Modern Electron will transform the industry by enabling on-demand distributed generation.

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Powerful & Compact

Modern Electron is in the R&D stage of developing thermionic energy systems for commercial, industrial, and residential use. Each generator box can stand alone, or in parallel with additional boxes, allowing for a system with unlimited power potential. Unlike mechanical engines, all parts are interchangeable, easily replaceable and easy to manufacture.

Electricity can be generated from a wide variety of heat sources such as natural gas, biogas, solar thermal as well as any traditional fuel such as diesel, gasoline, or nuclear.

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