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Modern Electron is a sustainable heat & hydrogen company. For commercial & industrial customers, our solution decarbonizes gas use by converting gas to clean hydrogen onsite without CO2 emissions. For residential customers, our solution transforms furnaces’ heat into power, saving homeowners money, reducing carbon footprint, and providing resiliency in blackouts.

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Our Solutions

Onsite Hydrogen Production

  • Decarbonize Gas Use with Today’s Infrastructure.
  • Reduced CO2 Emissions.
  • No H2 Transmission & Distribution Costs.

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Blackout Proof Furnace

  • Blackout Proof Heating.
  • Reduced Operating Cost.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions.

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Our Customers and Partners

Gas Utilities

Today’s gas grid is an incredible asset, but its compatibility with hydrogen is an open question. With Modern Electron’s solutions, Gas Utilities can deliver clean hydrogen to their customers, decarbonize their operations, and reduce downstream emissions, all without ripping up a single mile of pipe.

Commercial & Industrial Hydrogen

Manufacturers and Industrial producers that require large volumes of heat or chemical feedstock who want to decarbonize their processes with cheap, clean, reliable hydrogen conversion on-site.

Biogas Producers

Biogas producers can leverage our innovative pyrolysis technology to produce hydrogen and sequester solid carbon. Our process offers verifiable net negative emissions, avoids the high costs of carbon capture and sequestration technology, and is dynamic and scalable to the level of need.

Heating Appliance Manufacturers

Furnace, boiler, and other heating product manufacturers can upgrade their systems to harvest would-be waste heat and generate electricity, regardless of fuel source, improving the economics, efficiency, and resiliency of their product lines.


NW Natural to Partner with Modern Electron

NW Natural to Partner with Modern Electron

Heat, Heat Everywhere

Heat, Heat Everywhere

Bill Gates: To cut emissions, use this Swiss Army Knife

Bill Gates: To cut emissions, use this Swiss Army Knife

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